Tree cabling and bracing is a crucial method for protecting weak branches (and limbs) from damage. This acts as supplemental structural support that provides stability in severe weather conditions and reduces the risk of failure.

Cabling and bracing may be required by:

• Particularly old or valuable trees
• Trees with co-dominant stems (two main trunks)
• Trees that have sustained damage in the past
• How does cabling and bracing work?

Properly installed cables help support your trees during violent storms in any season. They limit the movement of the supported branches, so they are less likely to break during high winds or from the weight of ice and snow.

Only an expert can install a cabling and bracing system, so if you suspect weakening in your tree, it’s best to have a certified arborist assess it. They will be able to identify signs of weakness and opportunities for support.

Luckily, our service is quick, good for the health of your tree, and always performed by professionals. A cabling and bracing system will need minimal maintenance, however, it should be inspected periodically to ensure safety.